The Verdict on Online Pharmacies!!!

Online Veterinary Pharmacies, Good or Bad????

Many veterinary products are sold through online pharmacies. Some of these pharmacies are legitimate and provide a good value for clients, however – some of these pharmacies are obtaining and distributing medications illegally. It is tempting to buy from sites that offer great “ease” and “cheap” products, but you run the risk of putting your pet’s health at risk as well as wasting your money.

“You’re dealing with people  that are acting illegally, and they know it. You’re risking your pet’s life and you’re also giving them your credit card number.” Executive officer of California State Board of Pharmacy, Virginia Herold.

As a consumer, what should you do? Fortunately there is an accreditation program for Veterinary Internet Pharmacies. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) in 2009 started an accreditation program known as Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites, or Vet-VIPPS, to identify online veterinary pharmacies that are licensed and comply with state and federal laws and rules. Twenty-five pharmacies have Vet-VIPPS accreditation.

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