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Happy Holiday’s to everyone!

We wish you and your pets all the best as the year draws to a close and the new one begins It seems like we are often rushed and a bit stressed this time of year, our pets can be comfort and a reminder to slow down and take some time to enjoy them. They love being petted, and our stress level goes down a few ‘notches’ as we do it.



We’re sending this newsletter out for a couple reasons, 1) to wish you a Happy Holiday Season, 2) to provide some “newsworthy” information, and 3) to share some medical/ nutritional information.



So, onto the ‘newsworthy’ information.

  • First of all, we’ve opened all Saturdays (except holiday weekends). We are open 8 AM to 12 noon.
  • Secondly, we intend to provide e-mail reminders to clients who would like them by this time next year. So, if you would like e-mail reminders – be sure to fill out that section on our client sheets the next time you are in. We will continue regular mail reminders as well.
  • Third, February and March are our dental months. This means 10 % off on dental procedures for those months. Many of you have taken advantage of this time to care for your pet’s teeth. It genuinely can make a difference in a pet’s long term health (and the smell of their breath!).
  • Fourth (and final), the month of December is often slow for us – which is normal and understandable, families are busy with the holidays and such. To encourage a little more activity for us and to offer an extra value for our clients we thought we’d try something new = if you bring 2 pets in together for an exam during the month of December, the second pet gets $25 off its exam fee.


In this newsletter we also wanted to share some medical/ nutritional information. We’ve
been delving into nutrition a little deeper lately. We see so many overweight pets that later in life develop physical challenges such as arthritis AND medical challenges such as diabetes. In many cases, nutrition is the key to prevention. Controlling their weight is the biggest issue by far. I’ve spent a fair amount of time looking into how to calculate your pet’s caloric needs and exactly how many calories are in a cup of various brands of food. The problem is that there is tremendous variance in each pet’s caloric needs – and the pet food companies vary their formulations frequently. So, realistically, the best advice I can offer is 1) pick a good quality food and stick with it (no need to follow every trend that comes along), 2) measure the food concisely – this is critical, you can manipulate the volume of food you are feeding if you know what your starting point is. If your pet’s body is too plump, then reduce the volume you are feeding by 20% (for starters – we’ll talk more the next time you’re in).



Another interesting nutritional finding is that cats benefit from canned food. In the past, most veterinarians have recommend feeding dry food for cats with the thought that it is better for their teeth and that canned food is merely an excessive ‘treat’. But we are realizing that the increased water content of canned food is a great benefit because it helps dilute and flush the kidneys and bladder. The Kidneys and Bladder are real problem spots for cats and feeding canned food can end up preventing problems in the long run. What is also interesting about canned food is that it is very low in carbohydrates which cats, being
carnivores, don’t really need. Dry food needs carbohydrates, simply to help hold its shape AND because we tend just leave large amounts of dry food out for our cats (out of convenience), our cats end up eating too much carbohydrate dense food and become overweight.



We love caring for your pets, we also love the idea that we are indirectly reducing your stress by maintaining your pet’s health. Thank you for putting your trust in us and allowing us to care for your pets. It is a privilege and a delight!


The Doctors and Staff a Q Street Animal Hospital wish you a happy and healthy holiday!




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