Dental Month Newsletter 10% off Dentals, Fleas, and Dental Dz.









We wish everyone well in the New Year! Hopefully there are lots of nice walks with your dogs and cuddly sessions with your cats ahead. (Excuse my generalization; in all fairness, some cats go for walks and many dogs enjoy cuddling too!). At any rate, pets are a wonderful part of our lives. They bring us back to the basics of life: walks, cuddling, and someone to greet you when you come home. Thank goodness for them!



Well, it’s DENTAL MONTH(s). Across the nation many veterinary clinics offer a discount on dentals during February. Here at ‘Q Street’ demand in the past has been strong enough that we extend the discount through March. It really is a good value for those individuals that need a dental. Which ‘begs’ the questions: How do you know if they need a dental? My main answer is that an exam is needed to tell if your pet needs a dental. Dentals are an anesthetic procedure, and all anesthetic procedures are taken seriously. We don’t recommend dentals unless it is genuinely needed. In some cases we’re aiming to prevent future serious dental disease because we can see moderate plaque and gingivitis building up. In other cases, pets already have advanced dental disease and need extractions, etc. We offer a genuine value. 10% off the dental which includes the hospitalization, anesthesia, intravenous catheter, dental radiographs, oral nerve blocks, and extractions (if needed). It does not include pre-anesthetic blood work and medications to go home. A current exam is required before scheduling your pet’s dental procedure.

Feline and Canine Dentition








I asked our team members what topics we should cover in this newsletter. They said Fleas! and Gastrointestinal problems! FLEAS continue to be
problematic. In spite of the cold snap we had, there are still a lot of fleas. It is important to know that a single flea can lay 50 eggs in a day and those eggs linger in the household for MONTHS. They will intermittently hatch out and re-infest your pet. SO, keep using the good quality flea products on a regular basis. Comfortis/Trifexis and Advantage are the products we’ve had the best success with. Now, some people are lucky and don’t happen to have any flea problems – I’m not saying you have to treat if you don’t have fleas. BUT, just beware, once they get started it can be a challenge to get them under control.





Gastrointestinal disease. WHAT IS THAT? It encompasses a number of diseases that manifest as poor appetite, weight loss, diarrhea, and vomiting (singularly or in combination). It can be caused by eating something that simply upsets the stomach, or something more serious like organ disease, infectious disease, endocrine disease, cancer, or even having something stuck in the stomach or intestines. We’ve had 2 dogs recently that ate socks, one that ate a toy, and another that swallowed a quilting pin. Not all of them needed surgery (one was able to pass the sock with hospitalization and fluid support). Each case is quite different and has different needs so it is hard to give any brief advice. The staff wanted me to convey one important viewpoint: don’t wait too long to get an exam once symptoms start! If symptoms are severe or persisting more than 2 days, then it is important to get in for an exam.



Thank you to everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL! We truly appreciate the trust that you put in us by allowing us to help you care for your pets.


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