As a fully equipped veterinary hospital, we care for sick pets and emergencies. We also provide preventative care services including yearly wellness exams, puppy & kitten care, geriatric care, and much more.

ExaminationsQ Street Animal Hospital in Springfield, Oregon

Routine examinations for your pet are very important. We are in this business because we care deeply about your pets. Regular exams are our single greatest tool for keeping your pets healthy. They are very important for a number of reasons.
  • Pet's age 5-7 years for every 1 of our calendar years. When you think about it an exam only once every 5 years is not very frequent.
  • Vaccine protocols are changing dramatically from what they used to be. Yearly exams are the best way to evaluate which vaccines (if any - in some cases) are appropriate for your pet.
  • Misinformation is rampant. We are trained professionals that can help in many ways. We see numerous situations where pet owner's are unaware or have been misinformed about health conditions. We have a great deal of training and attend ongoing training to provide you sound advice.
  • Common conditions we see: hair loss and itchy skin, ear infections, overweight, lameness, dental disease. These and many more, are conditions that we can help with as long as we catch them reasonably early.

Puppies and KittensPuppies and kittens q street animal hospital springfield, oregon

In our puppy and kitten exams we check your pet's health, as well as go over: Appropriate vaccines, Schedule for vaccines, Recommended Flea control, Appropriate shampoo's, Recommended Heartworm prevention, Appropriate food and feeding guidelines, De-worming, Training tips, Anything you want to discuss (about your pet). Puppies and Kittens need to come in at about 2 months of age for their first exams. Spays and Neuters are usually done between 4 and 6 months of age.

Spays and NeutersPuppies and kittens q street animal hospital springfield, oregon

Unless you intend to breed, spays and neuters are very important. They can prevent medical problems later in the pet’s life. They also directly prevent further pet overpopulation problems that plague the entire nation and beyond. We keep our spay and neuter costs as low as we can in order to encourage reducing the number of feral or unwanted cats and dogs. There are a number of low cost spay and neuter clinics around, they are definitely worthwhile and appropriate in many cases. We feel that we will give the best personalized care for your individual pet at the best value. We do individual Dr. exams on each patient, offer pre anesthetic blood screening, give pre and post operative pain medication, use safe current anesthetic protocols, use anesthetic monitoring equipment, utilize fully a equipped sterile surgery suite, monitor patients through anesthetic recovery stage, patients are kept in an easily visible recovery area for constant monitoring, and dote on them frequently.

Senior CareQ Street Animal Hospital in Springfield, Oregon

Just like people, seniors have more health problems. Just like people, the earlier we catch them : the better our success at curing or managing them. Yearly exams and even bi-annual exams are our best opportunity for being pro-active and catching problems early. We can literally add years to your senior's life. In many cases senior blood screening is a key to identifying diseases early. Dental disease is a key to maintaining health as well. Bacteria from the teeth can invade the entire body. Managing arthritis and using appropriate medications is also an important component of senior care.

VaccinationsVaccinations Q Street Animal Hospital Springfield, Oregon

Vaccine protocols have changed dramatically in the last decade. Vaccines are still critical for preventing diseases. In the past, the vaccine protocols were simple = give the same vaccines year after year. Fortunately, in the past decade, vaccine protocols have come under increased scrutiny. Patient's needs are evaluated as part of their exam and appropriate vaccines are set up on a schedule. Some years your pet may not even need a vaccine.

SurgeriesSurgeries q street animal hospital springfield oregon

Spays, neuters, lacerations, mass removals, bladder surgery, exploratory abdominal surgery, splenectomy, foreign body retrieval, ear wall resection, corneal surgery, cosmetic periocular surgery, enucleation, femoral head osteotomy, luxating patella stabilization, cranial cruciate rupture stabilization, fracture fixation. These are a number of the procedures that we perform. Training gives us our foundation for competency, years of experience gives us our finesse and expertise. We utilize sterile technique, have a spacious surgery suite, and all the necessary surgical equipment.

AnesthesiaAnesthesia q street animal hospital springfield oregon

We take anesthesia very seriously. The risks with anesthesia are carefully weighed against the benefits of performing the procedure. We have complete confidence in our abilities and our equipment. The well being of your pet is always our first priority. We use safe, well proven anesthetic agents. We have great anesthetic equipment and anesthetic monitoring equipment. Most importantly our staff is well trained.

DentistryDentistry Q Street Animal Hospital Springfield Oregon

Periodontal disease (problems in the area around the teeth) is one of the most common health problems we see. It is estimated that 80 per cent of dogs and 70 per cent of cats older than 3 years of age suffer from some level of periodontal disease. Just as in the human mouth, the process begins with plaque, which is made of salivary proteins and bacteria. The bacteria irritate the gum, causing an inflammatory reaction, which is known as gingivitis. If the plaque is removed by tooth brushing, the gingivitis resolves and the gums return to normal. If the plaque is not removed, it hardens into ‘tartar' or ‘calculus.' The calculus provides a rough surface for even more plaque to accumulate. Bad breath may be noted. Inflammation continues in the gums and can also affect any bone in the area, resulting in destruction of the bone around the tooth roots. Eventually, the teeth become loose and may fall out.

In addition to tooth loss, periodontal disease has other, more serious, consequences. The millions of bacteria present in an unhealthy mouth can spread to other parts of the body, such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver, causing disease in these vital organs. Inevitably shortening your pet's life span. .

A Professional Cleaning involves ultrasonic scaling above and below the gum line. The procedure is similar to having your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist. But, because we cannot simply tell your pet to “hold still,” these procedures require that your pet be placed under anesthesia.

Emergency ServiceEmergency Service Q Street Animal Hospital Springfield Oregon

Q Street Animal Hospital does provide emergency care for pets during regular hours. We feel it is a priority to make ourselves available for our clients and patients when they are in critical need of veterinary care. At the same time we have to balance the need for maintaining our already scheduled appointments. In rare instances we will send cases on to the emergency hospital if we are already caring for numerous critical patients. We feel fortunate to have a great relationship with the Emergency Veterinary Hospital. They are just down the street from us and provide emergency care after hours and on weekends.

End of Life CareEnd of Life Care Q Street Animal Hospital Springfield Oregon

End of life care for pets can be a very difficult discussion to enter into. The reality is that pet's have shorter life spans than people, plus they have the potential for accidents and diseases at any age just like people. There genuinely are times when pet's have a deteriorating quality of life and are suffering. We are very sensitive to their needs, as well as to the needs of their owners. Nobody wants there pet (their friend) to suffer and it can be difficult to tell if they are suffering. We are here to help evaluate your pet and let you know if they can be helped or if it is genuinely time to peacefully let them go. Together we can make a decision for what is best, it is not easy to make that final decision – but it is something that is done out of compassion and love. It is a hard part of our job, but a tremendously important part of our job and we want to be here for you when you need us.

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