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Q Street Animal Hospital’s COVID-19 Action Plan Modified Hours due to COVID-19: Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM Saturdays, 8AM to 12PM (excluding holiday weekends) OUR POLICY IS EVOLVING. OUR PRIORITY IS TO PROVIDE CARE TO PETS THAT ARE IN NEED, WHILE PROMOTING SOCIAL DISTANCING TO SUPPRESS THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 1. Please call us from the […]

Spring Health Awareness!

    Spring into action By: Megan Elias   Spring is one of my favorite seasons. We’ve all heard that proverbial phrase April showers bring May flowers but something we may forget is spring can bring some potential hazards for our furry friends. It is important as pet O’s to know what those hazards are […]

Canine Influenza

What Is Dog Flu? (Article from AKC website) Dog flu, or canine influenza virus, is an infectious respiratory disease caused by an influenza A virus, similar to the viral strains that cause influenza in people. There are two known strains of dog flu found in the United States: H3N8 H3N2 The H3N8 strain actually originated […]

Pet Loss

Pet’s are such an important part of our lives. Losing a loved pet can be an emotional roller coaster. A client recently contacted me about the tremendous struggles that he had after his own pet had passed. He struggled to talk with other family members and didn’t know what to do. He looked through our […]

RABIES – Don’t be Complacent

RABIES! We are not joking, it is HERE! Truthfully, it has been here all along. Nothing has changed, except that we’ve become more aware of it. We love Bats, they are an important part of our ecosystem and I love that they eat Mosquitoes.         BUT, a certain percentage of Bats do have Rabies. […]