MAY 2012 Newsletter

Q Street Animal Hospital Newsletter May 2012

Happy spring to everyone,

This past February and March we offered a special on Dentals 10% off! (which included the dental, extractions, dental radiographs, antibiotics, and pain medication if needed). We had a great response and did 60 + dentals and normally would do maybe 20 in that same time frame. We feel like we were able to offer a worthwhile value and numerous people were able to take advantage of the opportunity.

The down side was that we’ve been realizing that there were even more people that wanted to do it, but didn’t know about it. So, we decided to offer the same deal for May! And to advertise it better, with a newsletter, facebook updating, and web-page notification ( Please visit our web page and in the featured articles section there is an article on dentals which explains why dentals are so important, it also explains the anesthesia, and the dental procedure.




Other noteworthy items from the writer and editor here at Q Street Animal Hospital:

For Dog Owners

  • Flea season is upon us. Quality flea products                                                                   can be a tremendous help, but there are so many products. Some products combine features such as heartworm  prevention, tic control, and ear mite elimination. As a part of our exams we can help tailor the right product to your pets needs.
  • Skin and ear allergies with secondary infections are everyday conditions that we see. If your pet’s ears are smelly and/ or if their skin is itchy with rashes = bring them in. Skin and ear conditions can be challenging, but in the vast majority of cases we can achieve dramatic improvement.




For Cat Owners         

  • Fleas again are a big issue. Most cats respond well to consistent monthly flea product use. Although, some products have not been working as well as they used to – so be sure to discuss it with us in your next exam.
  • Yearly exams to check your cat’s health helps us to know your cat better and to catch problems early. Updating vaccines can be very important for preventing contagious diseases. Vaccine protocols vary depending on your cat’s exposure level and figuring out which vaccines are appropriate for your pet is best determined within an exam.
  • Outdoor cats roam and get into more trouble in the warmer months. We see a lot of cats that get nasty bite wound abscesses from late night fights.  Ideally try to bring them inside at night, this will reduce the likelihood of bite wounds substantially. Some bite wounds seal over and fester for days, the abscess meanwhile causes surrounding tissue to necrose and eventually slough. Whenever possible, bring them in for an exam if you know they got into a fight. We can usually find the wounds and treat them before they go through any “festering” process.




Enough talk about gross stuff. Again, please check out our Website ( There are not only featured articles on Dentals, but on Skin and Ear disease as well. There is also a medical library that is great for looking up specific disease conditions. Plus there are numerous links. For FUN, check us out on facebook!










Q Street Animal Hospital

Good 'ol one eyed Reuben

Newsletter   Feb. 2012

Happy 2012 to everyone. Hopefully the New Year is treating you and your pets well! Getting to know you, our clients, is an ongoing privilege and caring for your pets is our passion. We look forward to seeing you and your pets in 2012.




We have a few new things to share: Laura, one of our certified veterinary technicians who has been with us for 3 years, has moved on. She has taken a management job with the City of Eugene Spay and Neuter Clinic. We wish her well and thank her for all of her hard work. At the same time we welcome Demi, a certified veterinary technician with many years of experience. She is settling in and doing a great job. Our last bit of news is that we are now seeing Rabbits, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, and Gerbils!






Rescue Kittens

Community Services For the past 7 years the doctors and medical team have strived to make improvements and be progressive. We’ve made many changes to the practice to better serve our clients. Many of you don’t know that we are also committed and involved in many community services.

  • Greenhill Humane Society – We help out as needed, providing radiographs and some medical care. Dr. Swanson has served on the board of directors and helped set up their current surgery suite.
  • Lane County Animal Services – We’ve gotten to know many of our fellow colleagues there. We intermittently provide medical and surgical care to patients.
  • WAG (Willamette Animal Guild) – Our practice manager serves on the board of directors, doing her part to diminish dog and cat over-population issues.
  • West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue – We’ve had a close relation ship over the past 2 years, providing medical and surgical treatments to over 100 patients.
  • Luv-a-Bull – We’ve enjoyed getting to know and develop a relationship more recently with them. We’ve treated over 30 patients within the last year.
  • Greenhill Humane Society TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program – We donate time spaying and neutering feral cats.
  • ProBono – We donated products and provide services for them as well.





Grade 3 dental disease

February is Dental month, which we will extend through March. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your pet’s mouth feel good and to enhance their overall health AND get 10% off! Whether there are obvious problem teeth or you are simply interested in doing preventative maintenance – give us a call.  If interested, take a look at our featured article on Dental Disease (it includes more pictures like this one and information on how we handle dental disease here at Q Street Animal Hospital).







If you haven’t had a chance, please visit our website at (If you’re reading this = then you’re already here!).  Within the web site there are educational articles, staff information, and a guided photo tour of the clinic. Also, visit our facebook page (Q Street Animal Hospital) and see some fun photos.