Pet Care Resources

The following is a list of resources providing information on pet care and veterinary medical care. Simply click on the link to access these web sites.

Pet Care and Disease Conditions

This web site provides an extensive list of disease conditions with reliable explanations about diagnosis and treatment.

This web site allows you to enter symptoms that your pet is exhibiting and help develop a list of possible conditions that are causing the symptoms…

The poison control center provides toxicity information, there may be a fee. This site also has general pet care information.

Center for Disease Control providing pet care information.

Pet behavior info from Ohio State University’s Vet School.

Oregon Veterinary Association providing pet care information.

American Veterinary Dental College providing pet care information.

Information on independently creating diets for pets.

Information about pet nutrition; includes a calorie calculator.

Partners in Pet Care

We refer patients to OVRA for advanced internal medicine, surgical, and ophthalmologic cases.

We refer patients requiring 24 hour care or after hour emergencies here.

Pro-Bone-O is a local organization that provides veterinary care to those who are homeless.

Hospice Pet Advocates finds homes for pets whose owners were in hospice.