Rescue Group Pets That We’ve Helped With : Photos and Excerpts

We work with a number of shelter organizations and rescue groups in the area : most notably West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue, Luv-A-Bull and Luv-A-Little, Lane County Animal Service, Greenhill Humane Society, and Willamette Animal Guild. The following are photos and excerpts on rescue pets that we have helped with.


Meet Tyler, a young – soon to be neutered – male cat. A little skittish, but sweet. With a little time and a loving home, he’s going to be a great cat/ friend for somebody. He came to us for general health care and will be available for adoption through West Coast Cat and Dog rescue.





This is Myconos, an approximately 2 year old neutered male cat that came to us from West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue group. Very nice cat, ready to be adopted.



One of our team members, Brandy, has been fostering a pregnant cat (Daphne). These adorable kittens were born just last week. Brandy’s daughter named them, MacKenzie, Melissa, Kristina, Autumn, and Stacey (wonder where she got those names?) Daphne and the kittens are West Coast Cat and Dog Rescue pets. They will be open to adoption through ‘West Coast’ soon!
Meet Beau! He is a LuvABull rescue dog. He is incredibly sweet! He visited us to get some radiographs done. Everything checked out good! He has some stiffness issues that are vague. We (Q Street and LuvABull) are still in the process of trying to figure out why he has musculo-skeletal pain and stiffness.






West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue took in 5 cats from a hoarding situation. We got to know (and care for) 4 of them; Curacoa Meow, Kitty St. Kitts, Oahu 2, and Maui. They are all sweet. The two that are pictured are Curacao Meow and Kitty St. Kitts (coolest names ever).











This is Whitney. She is a Lane County Animal Shelter Cat. Whitney just had surgery to remove cancer from her ear tips. White cats are prone to sunburn and subsequent skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma). Fortunately, most case respond well to having the cancerous area removed. She is sweet and should heal quickly, THEN, she’ll be looking for a new home!








Meet Peaches 2. This is kind of a funny picture, don’t be fooled she’s not hissing – she was very well behaved. Just caught her in a funny pose. She is from West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue group. We provided basic service care for her, getting her ready to be adopted. She is looking for a home.










Meet So Shai. She is a shy yet very sweet dog being cared for by Luv-A-Bull / Luv-A-Little rescue group. She stayed with us for a day and had a combined procedure in which we spayed her and performed some corrective work on her teeth (extracted baby teeth that had never fallen out and were causing periodontal disease around the canine teeth). If she isn’t already spoken for, she’ll be looking for a home too.







These are some kittens in foster care with West Coast Dog and Cat rescue. They are young and very sweet (barely hold still for a picture). They are healthy and in a couple months they’ll be looking for a good home.









This is Peabody. He is a very friendly cat that was at Lane County Animal Service and is now in the care of West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue group. He was visiting us to evaluate his eye condition = Entropion (lower eyelids roll in and the hair rubs the eye). He is a good candidate for corrective surgery and will likely have it done soon.










Meet Cookie. A young poodle from our friends at the rescue group Luv-A-Bull / Luv-A-Little that needed some dental work. Very sweet dog that after a little visit here has all healthy teeth (extracted a few incisors and cleaned all the rest).










This is Hugo. He’s a rescue kitty from West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue. He has a scarred right eye which is stable. He has a scarred right ear too, it was so damaged that the ear canal was completely occluded and predisposed to constant ear infections. We did a surgery called a Lateral Ear Wall Resection to open up the ear canal and relieve the underlying predisposition to ear infections. He’s been a great patient and we look forward to seeing how he looks as it heals (it looks a bit rough right now – so our picture is of his “good side”!). Hopefully we’ll get to take a follow up picture in a couple weeks.








Meet Truman. He is a rescue kitty from West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue. We provided some basic veterinary care for him today. He has a healing abscess on his right cheek, he was recently neutered, and is FIV positive. He was a fighter, now he’s a “lover” (and needs a home).








Meet Luna. She visited us today for some basic veterinary care. She is from the rescue group = West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue. She needs a home and is very sweet. She is deaf and has some special needs