Routine examinations for your pet are very important. We are in this business because we care deeply about your pets. Regular exams are our single greatest tool for keeping your pets healthy. They are very important for a number of reasons.

  • Pet’s age 5-7 years for every 1 of our calendar years. When you think about it an exam only once every 5 years is not very frequent.
  • Vaccine protocols are changing dramatically from what they used to be. Yearly exams are the best way to evaluate which vaccines (if any – in some cases) are appropriate for your pet.
  • Misinformation is rampant. We are trained professionals that can help in many ways. We see numerous situations where pet owner’s are unaware or have been misinformed about health conditions. We have a great deal of training and attend ongoing training to provide you sound advice.
  • Common conditions we see: hair loss and itchy skin, ear infections, overweight, lameness, dental disease. These and many more, are conditions that we can help with as long as we catch them reasonably early.


In our puppy and kitten exams we check your pet’s health, as well as go over: Appropriate vaccines, Schedule for vaccines, Recommended Flea control, Appropriate shampoo’s, Recommended Heartworm prevention, Appropriate food and feeding guidelines, De-worming, Training tips, Anything you want to discuss (about your pet). Puppies and Kittens need to come in at about 2 months of age for their first exams. Spays and Neuters are usually done between 4 and 6 months of age.

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